Adbrite LED Signs

Full Color LED Signs

Our full color LED signs are the best in the industry. Sure anyone can claim that, but we prove it. Our RGB LED signs are capable of displaying 281 trillion colors, much like a television set can, making our LED displays a true full color display. We also incorporate a new state-of-the-art technology that makes your images look life like not pixilated or cartoon like.

Viewing Angle

Another reason why our full color LED signs are the best in the industry, is the extra wide viewing angle that our signs are capable of displaying. Most LED signs look great when you are directly in front of them, however as soon as you get closer and to the side of them, most actually distort their color or turn completely black. This is due to the lack of a good viewing angle and definitely affects your advertising since less people will be able to view your ad. Our full color LED signs are capable of a 160 degree horizontal viewing angle. This means that while you drive past one of our displays, not only will it look great when you’re in front of it, but you can almost drive past it and it will still look great.


Something else you have to keep in mind when purchasing and LED sign is the brightness it can display. Our LED signs are capable of 15,000 NITS, which is the highest standard in the industry. Our LEDs are manufactured by NICHIA, which means your quality is assured. Obviously you will not need 15,000 NITS right away, but the more brightness your display has, the longer its life span will be. Our LED signs have 100 dimming levels so that you can control brightness. Initially you will only use about 8,000 NITS (50% brightness) for your sign to be seen during the day and 4,000 NITS (25% brightness) to be seen at night. However, LEDs dim down about 10% every year on their own over time just like a TV set does. Because you are not using 100% of the brightness all at once, you can always add more brightness your sign. Our LEDs have a life expectancy of 100,000 hours (11+ years) and that is if you use them at 100% brightness. Brightness is one of the most important features to consider when investing in an LED sign.


RGB LED Sign Features:


Color Capacity

281 Trillion Colors

Maximum Viewing Angle

160° Horizontal

Graphics Capacity

Text, Animation, Pictures, Video

Self Diagnostics



100 Levels



Frame Rate

60 FPS (Frames per Second)



Estimated LED Lifetime

100,000 Hours (11+ Years)

Vandalism Guard

Non-Reflective Black Louvers


Full Range: 110/240 VAC 50/60Hz

Remote Updates

Firmware & Software


Ethernet, Fiber Optic, Broadband, Wireless 2.4GHZ 802.11G