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As a business owner who competes in these industries, you need to be seen and heard. Incorporating an LED sign into your advertising plan should be considered a crucial investment. Selling a quality product at a good price is no longer going to guarantee you success these days. With so much competition these days, the businesses that succeed must find a way to effectively advertise their product. Unfortunately most businesses advertise using old medians which are very expensive and not effective. Let us at Adbrite LED Signs demonstrate how an LED sign along with our unique marketing of your business, will not only allow you to survive, but will make your business flourish.


  • - Specials/Sales
  • - Hours of Operation
  • - Products and Services
  • - Public Service Announcements
  • - Events and Holidays
  • - Time and Temperature

Why LED Signs

LED signs will act as your “Sales Person” on the street 24/7 and 365 days per year, rain or shine. Unlike a “Sales Person”; your LED sign will always be on time, it will work for you none stop, it will display an unlimited amount of messages to all the traffic in front of your business, it will never steal or cheat you, and in most cases it will cost you less than your lunch will for the day. Acting as your “Sales Person”, these LED signs are very effective attracting repeat customers and new customers to your business every single day. This allows you to advertise to your immediate target area without wasteful spending.

These LED signs can effectively “brand” your business and make you a landmark in the community. This ensures that the public will not only see you, but remember you. If they do not need you today, when they do or they know someone who does, they will remember you.

LED signs have the ability to display variable messages as people pass by giving you greater flexibility to communicate to the public.

You can literally control the flow of your business with an LED sign. If your business ever experiences a slow time during the day, week, or season; simply put up a special and watch as your walk in traffic increases. Your LED sign has simple scheduling abilities that can be setup just like an alarm clock. This allows you to schedule in specials, events, or marketing campaigns up to one year in advance.

One of the biggest advantages that and LED sign offers, is the ability to change your message or marketing campaign in an instant. As changes or different situations arise in your business you must be able to communicate that to your potential customers. Most media can’t be changed or started in an instant and if it can, it would be very expensive and time consuming.