Adbrite LED Signs


We are industry leaders helping businesses increase sales nationwide. Unlike most advertising companies, we realize that most advertising medians simply do not work anymore.  People do not watch TV commercials as they once have. They use technology to skip commercials or strictly watch cable or satellite programming without commercials. Businesses waste thousands of dollars every single month on newspaper or magazine ads that simply do not work anymore.  Everything has become digital. 90% of people get their news and entertainment either from TV or the internet skipping all of those expensive newspaper or magazine ads.  As a result many newspapers and magazines are going bankrupt or are in serious trouble.  We do not believe yellow page ads work either. If a consumer wants to find a business or organization, they use on-line search engines such as Google or Yahoo. We focus on advertising medians that are 100% proven and which results are undeniable. Our firm uses the advertising median of the future because the future is now.  All of our advertising is done through digital LED signs and billboards. Though this concept is still in its infancy, we believe that business owners and organizations using LED signs right now stand to benefit from them the most.  Our LED signs will get your message out to your potential customers and increase your business without a doubt. However because these LED signs are not as prevalent now as they will be, your business or organization will stand out from any other. That gives you a huge edge against any competitor.  ADbrite LED signs combines our professional content creation with digital led signs to create a successful advertising campaign for your business.